Detail Southern African Airport Scenery

186 custom airports for Flight Simulator X (FSX)

(Saint Helena Airport now added - 2016)



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For Flight Simulator X

182 Airports (civilian)

4 Helipads

In 15 Southern African Countries

Lots of Parking

AI Traffic



We offer an incredible 182 fully featured civilian airports and 4 heliports in the Southern African region. This includes:

99 Airports and 4 Heliports in South Africa
1 Airport in Swaziland
3 Airports in Lesotho
13 Airports in Namibia
5 Airports in Botswana
4 Airports in Zimbabwe
11 Airports in Mozambique
11 Airports in Angola
7 Airports in Zambia
5 Airports in Malawi
14 Airports in Madagascar
4 Airports in the Comoros
2 Airports in Mauritius
2 Airports in Reunion
1 Airport in Saint Helena


(see complete lists of airports and heliports)


All airports are either enhanced from default FSX Airports as a starting point, or built from scratch where needed. Airports are not 100% accurate, but most prominent buildings and features were taken into account. The land class immediately surrounding the airports was updated in many cases (e.g. Stellenbosch, Ivato in Antananarivo, Mariental, Soyo in Angola — and many more). All scenery elements are based on default FSX Scenery elements, so NOTHING WAS GRAPHICALLY DESIGNED. Default buildings from FSX that closest resembled the actual buildings were sized and arranged in order to create the closest possible look and feel of the real airports. Jetways, trees, airport vehicles, parked vehicles and many other elements were added as needed. Some of the default FSX Elements were retained (e.g. buildings at Johannesburg / OR Tambo). That means that your frame rate should stay relatively intact.

All airports (except heliports) are featured with AI Aircraft traffic. All AI traffic comprises of default FSX AI Aircraft.

Airports were compiled for maximum playability. That means that aircraft parking and fueling is ample, night lighting was added to runways where needed, and tower and other communication frequencies were added. Please note that aircraft parking, Communication frequencies and ILS frequencies are fictional.

The main aim of this package is maximum enjoyment and even though we have not graphically designed anything, our airports and surroundings provide a bigger experience of Southern Africa, and enable you fly to and park at more airports in this region. Control towers will offer you parking for your jumbo jet or small aircraft where most default FSX Airports will not.

We also thought of the helicopter fans. Although we only feature 4 detailed heliports at this stage, it should provide some challenge since some of the landing spaces are real tiny. We also made sure to add helipads to many airports.

Our airports work best with the Aeroworx Land Mesh for Southern Africa Installed (Download from I would like to give them all the credit I can for all the work they have put in for Southern African Scenery for MS Flight Simulator. I have built all my airports and Heliports on their land Mesh and Road Structures. The Roads (except "hard" roads at and around the airports), Land Mesh (e.g. mountains) and Harbour Imagery in the background of the Screen Shots are their doing.

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